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PFA Lined Butterfly Valve, PFA Lined Butterfly Valves, Butterfly Valve
Product PFA Lined Butterfly Valve
Type Wafer, Lug, Flanged(D/F) Type
Size 50A~600A / API, DIN, JIS
Materials Ductile, Carbon, Stainless
Operation Lever, Gear, Actuator
Origin Korea
Factory Kimhae City, Korea
PFA Lined Butterfly Valve, PFA Lined Butterfly Valves, Butterfly Valve
* The elastomer back-up ring behind the liner ensure a tight fit around the disc, giving a bubble tight shut-off at
  minimum operating torque.
* The liner provides a wide flange sealing surface.
* A one piece thin disc stem lined with over 3 mm molded PFA providing high pressure.
* The PFA lined valve has two bodies.
* The liner and disc are molded and machined to close tolerances to provide :
  - low torque
  - less stress and deformation during opening and closing
  - elimination of tearing and bunching
Integral body locating holes to ease installation and to ensure perfect centering of the valve between flanges.

The KB butterfly valves are ideally suited for corrosive applications, requiring reliable performance, tight shut-off, constant torque and no maintenance. The valves successfully handle a multitude of corrosive applications in industries such as chemical, petro-chemical,pulp and paper, semiconductor (UPW), foundries and mining.
The accurate machining of all valve components, and the combination of safety precautions in the shaft area provide a drop-tight seat sealing and a positive gastight shut-off through the shaft area to atmosphere
* HCL   * Pesticides   * HNO3   * Solvents   * H2SO4   * White liquor
* Chlorinated brine   * Wet CL2   * Electrogalvanizing solutions
* Chlorinated organics   * Sodium Chlorate   * Bleach   * CLO2   * Herbicide
* Standard according to ISO5752 - EN 593 - API 609 - JIS B 2032 - MSS SP 67
* Production range 40mm up to 600mm(1.5" x 24")
* Flange connection KB Valve Butterfly valve are designed to fit without gaskets
       between flanges drilled to as below
       ISO PN 6, 10, 16                  MSS SP 44 CL. 150
       ASME B 16.5 CL. 150            BS EN 1092-1
       JIS B 2220 5K, 10K, 16K       ASME B 16.1

* Face to face dimension in accordiance with ISO 5752, EN558, API 609, JIS B 2003
* Actuator connection valve can be fitted with any qurter turn actuator equipped with a mounting plate metting
   the standard ISO 5211
* Test Ispection : KB Valve are guaranteed to seal perfectly (no visible leakage) in both flow direction. The test conforms
   to API 598, ISO 5208, JIS B 2003
* Temperature range : -40℃ to + 180℃ (depending on operation pressure)
* Operating pressure : max. 10 bar (16 bar for spec. version)
* Differential pressure : max. p 10 bar (16 bar for spec. version)
* Vacuum : up to 1 mbar absolute (with silicon elastomer inserts) from -10??C to +160??C
- Payment Terms At Sight L/C, T/T
- Delivery Time Within 30 days after your payment
- Min. Order Qty 1 units
- Certificates ISO9001, API 609, CE
- Other
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