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Eccentric Butterfly Valve, Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Butterfly Valve
Product Eccentric Butterfly Valve
Type Wafer, Lug, Flanged Type
Size 50A~1200A / API, DIN, JIS
Materials Ductile, Carbon, Stainless, Bronze
Operation Lever, Gear, Actuator
Origin Korea
Factory Kimhae City, Korea
Eccentric Butterfly Valve, Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Butterfly Valve
Wafer Valve to be installed with bolts between the flanges at adjacent pipe without flange on the valve.
Easy handling and light weight.
Easy installation, less bolt quantity and low cost.
Inconvenient maintenance of adjacent pipe.
Lug Ring shape bolt hole for bolting with flange.
Keep pressure inside during repairing adjacent one side pipe.
Different flang shape.
Possible damage on full face gasket.
Hard repairing of corroded bolt.
More man-hour for installation.
Flanged Both ends with complete flange.
Suitable to general pipe flange.
Suitable for shipside valve in the ship.
Heavy weight.
Same installation as ordinary valve.
- Schema of Eccentric Butterfly Valve
  It is provided of heavy load designed for high pressure and high-flow rate application.
  It is widely adopted for cargo oil valves of tankers, FPSO, terminal and high flow rate piping with abundant reference.
  Semi-Lug, Lug and double flange type connections are available.

- General Applications
  Shipbuilding industry, water works, heating and ventilation, Power plants, Chemical industry ect.

- Special features of KB valve's products
  * A wing for prevention of a back flow keeps a bubble-tight sealing from both flow directions.
  * Durability of 20,000 operations resulted from minimum friction.
- Payment Terms At Sight L/C, T/T
- Delivery Time Within 30 days after your payment
- Min. Order Qty 1 units
- Certificates ISO9001, API 609, CE
- Other
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